Strategic Plan

Training Strategy

To provide all necessary job skills for inmates through manufacturing and service opportunities in a positive work environment to help them reenter society upon release.

Business Strategy

To create products and services that meet our customers needs and reflect the highest quality possible.  To look for opportunities to improve our product offerings through the latest in technology and manufacturing techniques.

Agency Values

As Idahoans, we are obligated to ensure all we do is in support of Idaho; its values, standards and people.  As a self sustaining agency, our goal is to maintain a self-sustaining and self-funded financial model.

1.[I.C., sec.] § 20-419, ACCOUNT AS CONTINUING APPROPRIATION — NONREVERSION. All moneys transferred to or hereafter placed in the correctional industries betterment account are hereby perpetually appropriated for the use and purposes specified in this chapter. The correctional industries betterment account or any surplus funds in said account shall not revert to the state general account.