Mission and Goals


To promote a safer Idaho By:

  • Reducing inmate idleness in Idaho’s prison system
  • Providing diversified training opportunities focused on vocation education and rehabilitation
  • Maintaining independent financial sustainability thereby reducing the tax burden to the citizens of Idaho1


  • Correctional Industries provides life skills and marketable training opportunities to inmates which enable a better chance at a successful reentry into society


  • Respect
  • Positive Attitude
  • Integrity

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide Life Skills

  •  Provide for a pro-social work environment while creating structure and accountability

Goal 2: Meet Marketable Work Opportunities while sustaining self-funding

  • Provide training for those skills necessary to obtain gainful employment
  • Maintain adequate self-funding to reinvest in the program

Goal 3: Provide opportunities to be a productive member of society

  • Assess career/employment opportunities
  • Develop career/employment opportunities for reentry

Goal 4: Develop synergistic relationship with IDOC

  • Improve coalition
  • Align ICI services with the needs of IDOC

1. [I.C., sec.] § 20-419, ACCOUNT AS CONTINUING APPROPRIATION — NONREVERSION. All moneys transferred to or hereafter placed in the correctional industries betterment account are hereby perpetually appropriated for the use and purposes specified in this chapter. The correctional industries betterment account or any surplus funds in said account shall not revert to the state general account.