Agricultural Program

The Agriculture Work Program was created with recent legislation that authorizes Correctional Industries to enter into contracts with private agricultural employers for the use of inmate labor. Inmate laborers are able to perform work related to the harvesting and processing of perishable food items.

  • Provides a stable and reliable work force when non-inmate workers are unavailable
  • Teaches marketable work skills to offenders preparing to re-enter society
  • Participation in Correctional Industries’ programs has been shown to reduce the rate of recidivism


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Additional information

What Qualifies as an AG program?

AG programs provide a more simple service. The product that is started with is the same as what we end up with.

Examples of AG program labor include:
– Fruit picking, harvesting
– Sorting
– Planting
– Packaging

ICI bills the partner which covers the costs associated with the program and provides payment to the inmates.
IDOC/ICI also provides a security officer to monitor inmate workers.
Partner company also provides supervision and training.

AG Qualifying Factors:
– Inmate jobs will NOT displace free workers in the local area
– Prevailing wages, as set the Department of Labor, must be paid
– Product must be a perishable agricultural good as defined in I.C. 6-2002
– Work site must meet safety and security requirements of IDOC and CI