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Sample – Training

225 offenders completed Correctional Industries training between 07/10/10 and 11/10/2015.

  • 5 offenders completed multiple training.

The number of days of training completed varied by type:

  • Electric Tool Repair, Drafter, Screen Printer/Bindery/Graphic Designer, Janitor and Embosser training averaged over three years to complete.
  • Half of the inmates completed either Cabinet maker (32.2%) or apparel worker (21.3%) training.

Sample – Released

Over two-thirds of the inmates who completed training in 2013 and have been released, were either released in 2013 or 2014.

  • 23.8% of inmates who completed training in 2013 and have been released, were not released until 2015.

27 of the 106 (25.5%) inmates who have been released, topped their time prior to release from prison.

Nearly half of the inmates who have taken training in 2011-2015 have not been released from prison.

Recidivism Comparison

Offenders taking C.I. training and released in 2013-2015 were compared against offenders released to parole within the same year.

  • Although only 21 offenders were released in 2013, the difference in recidivism to the overall population is significant (p<.10).
    • 76.2% had no recidivism event compared to 55.1% of the overall population. In addition only 14.3% revoked parole compared to 24.8% of the overall population.
  • Offenders recently released within 2015 also have significantly lower recidivism rates than the overall population.
    • 91.4% have had no recidivism event compared to 77.1% of the overall population.
  • Offenders released in 2014, however, do not have significantly different rates from the overall population.



All (100%) of the offenders who have taken training in upholstery, screen printing, forklift operation, janitorial, bindery, drafting, and painter-industrial have been successful on parole.

Of offenders who have been released, parolees who participated in metal fabricator/assembler training were slightly more likely to revoke parole than parolees taking other trainings. However, only 6 individuals have been released who have taken this training so the results should be taken with caution.