H.B. 373 – Expanding Agriculture Work

Governor Little signed March 11, 2019 the H.B. 373 which expands the Agriculture work opportunities at ICI for inmates.


ICI Proclamation

Governor Little signed a proclamation naming July 1, 2019 as Idaho Correctional Industries Day commemorating our 45th anniversary.  Over the past 45 years ICI has helped many people to be successful upon release.  The life and technical skills gained in our programs have changed many lives.

Each day we have the opportunity to TRAIN*MENTOR*SUCCEED.


Idaho Correctional Industries: Welcome, we are here to supply our customers with high quality products, while providing inmates with job training and work experience to help increase their chance for a successful transition to a productive member of society.

  • Established 1974 – Celebrating Over 40 Years
  • Self-funded, Self-sustaining Offender Training Program
  • Reduced Recidivism Rates
  • Extensive Offender Training and documentation of training
  • Train Offenders with state of the art technology thereby providing the highest level of employable skills

Board of Corrections: A three-member board appointed by the governor oversees the Idaho Department of Corrections.

Our Story…

In 1974, the Idaho Legislature passed the Correctional Industries Act creating Idaho Correctional Industries (ICI) as a financially self-sufficient organization. The act empowered the Idaho Board of Correction as the governing body over ICI.

Our objective is to decrease idleness by providing incarcerated inmates with job training and work experience. We accomplish this by training offenders in a realistic environment that teaches work ethics and skills that increase their chance for successful transition to a productive member of society. We also aim to reduce the tax burden of the correctional system. We are able to do this by promoting positive inmate behavior while incarcerated, reducing the recidivism rate, operating a self-funded program and offering outstanding value to our customers.

The ICI staff is comprised of business and manufacturing professionals experienced in product design, vocational training, manufacturing, marketing and sales. This expertise is the foundation of developing inmate training programs that manufacture products that can be sold to authorized markets.

The state legislation defines the markets that are eligible to purchase ICI products. Authorized markets include state and local government, non-profit, private sector wholesalers and retailers within the State of Idaho. With over 40 years under our belt, we are excited to see what new opportunities are available to us. The inmate population is ever changing and our goal is to provide as much training to the population as possible. We look forward to expanding the skills that offenders are able to attain.


I just wanted to give you an update on how things have gone for me in the last month. I am all set up in Seattle living with my family. I have a good PO who is working with me in my transition into civilian life. what I think you will find most interesting is the fact that I have secured employment as a draftsman/ designer at a business called Automated Gates and Equipment. My experience at Idaho Correctional Industries directly led to this job. For all this I want to thank you and everyone at ICI for helping me to get job skills and other skills that directly led to me getting a good job making good pay. much of the knowledge I accrued while at ICI directly transferred over into my new job. I think that many people who are getting out of prison with the skillset that is instilled by ICI will be pleasantly surprised that there are jobs available in the fields that are associated with those skills. Again, I want to thank you for helping me to get into the drafting department and I wish you and everyone there the absolute best.” — Nathan Nisbet