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Frequently Asked Questions

Idaho Correctional Industries is an offender training program. It teaches marketable work and life skills. Idaho Correctional Industries is committed to training offenders to successfully re-enter society. The skills attained help offenders obtain gainful employment.

Not a dime! Idaho Correctional Industries is a self-funded, self-sustaining program. Proceeds generated are invested into current market technology for the highest competent offender training and industry standards that promote the most efficient manufacturing.

Idaho Correctional Industries recidivism rate is 26.3% for an offender staying in our training program for at least one year.

By law, Idaho Correctional Industries can only sell to what are called “Authorized Markets.” These markets include city, county, state and government agencies; non-profits; secondary schools, colleges and universities. In addition to those markets are approved retailers and wholesalers that resell Idaho Correctional Industries products.

The offender training program manufactures both standard products and custom items. These products include office and lounge furniture; executive, task and guest chairs, license plates and new or refurbished panel systems. Other services include upholstery, printing, garments and metal fabrication. The offender trainees also provide services including drafting with CAD and CNC programming and labor for moving and office set up.

The offenders apply for the position they are interested in, and then are interviewed to create a real world environment. To be considered, offenders must be of good behavior, and also show a strong desire to turn their lives around by learning new skills. To participate in the program, they are required to possess a GED.

Yes, security is provided. Idaho Correctional Industries staff is annually trained in current security methods and procedures.

State statute limits Idaho Correctional Industries to sell only to the authorized markets listed above. Some states require those markets purchase from their own State Correctional Industries. Idaho does not.

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