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About ICI

Idaho Correctional Industries (ICI), is headquartered in the great capital of Boise, Idaho and provides daily training for Residents at Idaho State Prisons and Idaho Women’s Prison in Pocatello.

Idaho Correctional Industries prepares our Residents with vocational education, on-the-job training and work experience for industry, vocational and agricultural programs. Residents will develop marketable job skills, good work ethics and confidence in their accomplishments, which gives a feeling of pride, sometimes for the first time in their lives. In addition, Residents earn a wage to pay their victim restitution and court-ordered fines, and to save money for their release.

ICI programs benefit by providing better public safety in our prisons and communities. They improve prison security by keeping Residents active and engaged while incarcerated, and provide Residents who will return to our communities with opportunities to learn life and job skills, and develop a work ethic that enables them to become productive employees, good neighbors and law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.


Idaho Correctional Industries is dedicated to providing diversified technical training, along with pro-social life skills to individuals (“Resident Trainees”) to enhance their successful reentry into our communities and provide a safer Idaho.


Idaho Correctional Industries strives to be the leading correctional industry in the country for a state the size of Idaho by providing diversified training opportunities which strengthens Idaho’s workforce, reduces recidivism, and allows for public dollars to be appropriated to other community needs.


  • ICI is committed to the long term progress and success of
    our Resident Trainees through our mentoring and programming.
  • ICI is committed to staff development and advancement, leveraging those investments in support of our Mission and Vision.
  • ICI maintains independent financial sustainability through strong production processes, sound financial practices, and an entrepreneurial business mindset.


  • Provide job training and
    personal growth opportunities
    for Resident Trainees.
  • Enhance the efforts of IDOC by focusing on our efforts to reduce recidivism and contribute to a safer corrections environment.
  • Develop, advance, and retain ICI Staff in support of our Mission, Vision, and Values.
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